How to Print To Go Menus to Boost Your Sales

Would you like to know how print to go menus and other types of menus can help boost sales? If you’re in the food business, menus should always be part of your daily operations. Dine in menus are for those who have time to spend for a sit-down meal. Takeout menus are for advertising and those who simply do not have time for a homecooked dinner. You should also have countertop signs and table tents to complement all your other printed menus.

How Takeout Menus Help Increase Sales

There are many online printing shops that specialize in takeout menu printing. Look for one that offers the highest quality possible for the print, without requiring too much from your advertising budget.

Next, here are some ways that takeout menus help increase sales:

  • Not all people go to restaurants on a regular basis, so a takeout menu targets this part of the market.

Although there is quite a big part of a local town’s population that regularly goes out to dinner, not everybody has this luxury. There are those who simply do not want to wash the dishes after preparing a homecooked meal, and takeout menus will target this part of the market. Takeaway food is convenient, but still fulfils people’s cravings for a restaurant-quality meal.

  • Just like postcards, you can use to go menus as part of your print advertising campaign.

To go menus are made to be distributed, unlike dine in menus which “live” inside your restaurant. As such, it is fine to print them in not-so-expensive paper – but this does not mean that the quality of print should suffer. Just because the menu isn’t leatherbound does not mean that it has to look cheap. There are many online printing companies that offer cheap printing packages without sacrificing the quality of print.

  • Along with all your other menus, you can use takeout menus for branding.

When designing takeout, dine-in, and other menus, create a consistent look. Use the same colors as your business logo. The takeout menu can be a shortened version of your dine in menu. All these should complement each other in terms of look and feel. This way, customers will instantly recognize your brand once they see the menu.

  • Takeout menus encourage repeat order.

Pizza parlors are a perfect example of how takeout menus can mean repeat orders. Once you include a takeout menu as part of a pizza delivery package, the recipient will keep the menu for future reference. They will most likely place a repeat order, which is always good for your business.

As you can see, menus greatly help boost the sales of those who are in the restaurant business, so get yours printed out now.


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