How to advertise my business affordably

Are you a local business looking to get your name or service advertised to your surrounding neighborhood?

The EDDM postcard printing (every door direct mail) and flyer distribution service from the United States postal service is the key to your success.

For about 15 cents a piece, the post office will advertise your business affordably by handing out your postcard or flyer to residential addresses in areas you choose to distribute to. prints and ships EDDM postcards at the lowest prices to help you reach more potential customers and advertise your business in the most affordable way to market.

Today, paying a service like Google ads for digital marketing is very expensive and usually always fails. Targeting homes by physical mail ads allows you to capture the attention of a customer in their home for 1/10th the cost of online advertising.

Order eddm postcards online from and start bringing in new business, today.