5” x 7” Postcard Printing: Traits that Make Postcards Excellent Ad Materials

Postcards make for a great print marketing material because they are handy and there are several ways to distribute them. As you know, postcards are made from thick paper that’s almost the size of a cardboard and they are designed to be mailed out without an envelope. If you’re an entrepreneur and you would like to reach out to your target market, look for 5 x 7 postcard printing packages online and either mail them out directly or look for Every Door Direct mail or EDDM services. For the latter, the print shop will work with the USPS to mail out your postcards to every door within a zip code or an individual mail carrier route.

Traits that Make Postcards Excellent Ad Materials

There are other printed marketing materials that you can go with: business cards, brochures, flyers, stickers, notepads, letterheads, envelopes, etc. So why should you include postcards in your list of to-print advertising materials? Here are the traits that make postcards excellent marketing tools:

  • Affordability

For just a few cents per piece, you can order postcards from online printing services providers. The quality is not even sacrificed because they can offer you full color, two-sided printing excellent materials for a very cheap price.

  • Convenience and Novelty

With everyone going for digital advertising these days, there is such a novelty in receiving tangible marketing materials like postcards. 5 x 7 postcard printing is also very convenient for entrepreneurs because you can add features such as direct mailing or every door direct mailing to make distribution easier.

  • Flexibility

Aside from mailing postcards, you can also distribute them personally. Print ones with promo codes and distribute them to people in areas where there is high foot traffic. You can also include postcards in supplier orders, delivery receipts, takeout packages, and any other business transaction with paper receipts.

  • Easy-to-track Results

If you will include a time-sensitive call-to-action in the design of your postcard, you are bound to get a quick response, making it easy to track the results of your marketing efforts.

  • Longevity

Finally, postcards last for practically a lifetime. When a customer receives this, he or she is bound to keep the card on file somewhere to be used for future reference.

With all these advantageous characteristics, there’s no reason why you should skip on using postcards to market your business.

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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