Why Thick 16pt Business Cards are the Best

Why are 16pt business cards considered the best? Because thickness is one of the qualities that will make your business cards stand out.

Let’s say that you are meeting an important client. When you hand over a thin, flimsy business card which with poorly-printed text and a logo, this does not bode well at all for your image. You’d want your client to have a good, lasting impression of you – and your business card plays a big part in that.

As such, it pays to invest in good quality cards and 16pt business cards are a perfect example of this. Aside from thickness, here are a few more factors to consider when having business cards printed out so that you can come up with ones that will leave a lasting impression to your clients and other business contacts:

  • Pay close attention to the design of the card itself.

Although there are ready-made templates that you can download online, it is best to have your business cards designed by a professional graphic designer. If you don’t have a logo yet, have one made. There are also business card printing companies which can create a design for you and your approval is part of their business cards printing process. Pay close attention to the logo, graphics, typeface, shape and orientation of the card.


  • Use high-quality paper and make sure that the printing quality is good as well.

The resolution should be at least 300 dots per inch or higher to come up with good quality print on the cards.  When it comes to paper type, some of the options include classic felt, premium cotton, 100% recycled, smooth cover, pearl, linen, gloss UV coating and many more.


With 16pt business cards made from high-quality paper, you can leave a lasting impression to your clients once you hand over your contact information to them.



Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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