Real Estate Postcards: The Key to Effective Advertising

Real estate postcards from a powerful tool in today’s economic world. Designed to embody professionalism and elegance, these postcards serve as an effective means to showcase property listings, advertise open houses, and establish your brand presence within your target market – and we all know the real estate industry took a wild hit financially. Postcards for realtors are cost-effective and provide a great ROI.

Available in a variety of sizes, the postcards provide ample space to incorporate high-resolution images along with detailed property descriptions that grab the reader’s attention. You have the flexibility to select from 6.5×9 or the colossal 6×11 size, depending on your specific marketing needs.

One of the distinct advantages of using for your real estate postcards is the superior quality of print offered. Each postcard is printed in full, rich color with a glossy finish that enhances the visual appeal, making your property listings stand out. The 16pt cardstock used for printing is thick and durable, ensuring the postcards can withstand the mailing process without losing their esthetic appeal. understands the importance of time in the real estate sector. Thus, they offer speedy delivery services enabling you to get your postcards mailed out in a timely manner. Their online ordering process is straightforward, making it easy for you to place bulk orders and have them delivered directly to the mailing addresses provided.

Beyond that, supports realtors in designing their postcards. A team of professional designers is available to assist you in creating an eye-catching postcard design that aligns with your brand image. If you prefer to use your own design, the website provides user-friendly design templates that can be customized to your preference – woohoo!

As for pricing offers competitive rates, providing a cost-effective solution for realtors seeking to reach a wide audience through direct mail marketing. They also have attractive discounts for bulk orders, reducing the overall cost of your marketing campaign.

So to wrap it all up –’s real estate postcards serve as a powerful tool for realtors to market their listings and services. The combination of high-quality print, flexible sizes, speedy delivery, professional design services, and cost-effective pricing makes these postcards an excellent choice for all your direct mail marketing needs.


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