Doing Business Abroad? Quick Tips on Business Card Etiquette

As an entrepreneur, one of the first things that you need to work on is business card printing. A business card is the best promotional tool to let people know that your business actually exists, what you do and how to get in touch with you. Now, if you already have a stack of business cards printed out and you are doing business abroad, remember that there are a few general tips that you need to follow. Check out our list of business card etiquette:
• Business cards are internationally recognized, so take care of >business card printing prior to your trip.
• If you’re visiting a country where English is not the main language, have your card translated and printed into the local language. Make sure that the information is accurate.
• Generally, business cards are exchanged at the beginning of or at the end of a meeting. If you have a meagre supply of cards, hand it over to a business contact who specifically asks for it.
• If the card is printed back-to-back in different languages, hand it over so that the receiver’s local language is face up.
• If you are the one who is receiving a business card, make it a point to read it before putting the card away. This shows the other person that you are interested with the company. Make the appropriate comment and clarify any vague information, if necessary.
• If the cards are handed over at the end of a meeting, place them in a business card case, your briefcase or a portfolio. It’s generally considered bad etiquette to keep business cards in your pants pocket.

Finally, invest in good quality color business cards. Remember that your goal is to make an excellent first impression especially if you are bring your business abroad – so make sure that the quality of paper, print and design of the card all look professional.


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