Color Business Cards: Tips for Choosing the Right Paper Thickness

When ordering color business cards, remember that the overall look and feel of the card relies on your attention to detail. The standard size of a business card is 3.5” x 2” – which is a very small surface to place all your business information in. As such, you need to maximize the space and make sure that the card itself will leave a lasting impression to your clients.

So what are the things that you need to consider when it comes to business card printing? First, make sure that the font or typeface, logo, design, and colors on the layout of your business card are well-thought out. It should reflect the image that you want to portray for your brand. Considering the size of the card, the design should not be too cluttered – and the colors should suit your design perspective.

Second, choose the material that you want for the business card. There are business card print service which offer a wide variety of paper and plastic materials to choose from., for example, has silk business cards, plastic business cards, linen business cards, textured linen, pearl metallic, brown kraft, suede, and other premium business cards.

Aside from the type of paper, you should also consider the thickness of the material used. At BlockbusterPrint, here are your paper thickness options:

  1. Very thin business cards

Just because the paper is thin does not mean that the quality is sacrificed. Linen business cards, for instance, are considered very thin but when you look at the texture of the card, it feels elegant to the touch. Go for this paper thickness if you want a no-fuss but still elegant set of business cards.

  1. Medium thickness business cards

The most popular business cards are of medium thickness. The size ranges from 50% to 60% the thickness of a credit card. Some of the paper varieties of medium thickness cards are premium, suede, silk, and uncoated.

  1. Ultra-thick business cards

Finally, there are ultra-thick business cards with a size ranging from 63% to 100% the thickness of a credit card. These are plastic, luster, and three-layer cards with a black edge. These cards are perfect for those who would like to make a big impression on their clients.

Whether you’re going for the popular or not-so-popular option when it comes to the thickness of the business card, what’s important is to really pay attention to even the smallest details. This way, you can come up with a design for a business card that’s truly worthy of representing your brand.


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