About Us & Our Service

BlockbusterPrint™ is an online printing service specializing in high-end offset quality print production with ship-out locations in California, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, New York and our newest and latest in Ontario, Canada. Because of our many locations, we have the capability to print and deliver any project to you within 24-48 hours.

100% of our staff consists of passionate graphic designers who specialize in print design and print setup, all the way to our President/Founder. When you speak to any of our reps, supervisors, designers, technicians or live online chat advisers, you are always speaking to a highly paid professional who is a well educated graduate in the field of design and print.

Unlike most print companies who employee just anyone for customer service, BlockbusterPrint™ is a more dedicated print and design firm whose staff works one-on-one with clients to ensure artwork is perfectly setup for production – all proudly serviced in these wonderful United States of America. When you reach out to us you can esnure you are chatting with a professional that may be responsible for the quality of projects like Arm & Hammers company booklets or Johns Hopkins University’s child developement center brochures. Our team members work on high-profile clients who will also work on your important project as well. There is always a professional available to you at your finger tips.

BlockbusterPrint™ was founded over 10 years ago in 2005 with the belief that ordering print products online should be easy, fast, affordable, and of the highest quality.

Our President and founder started from humble beginnings as a graphic design in 1997. Limited with the computer performance capabilities of technology in his time, he was still able to acquire still-graphic, as well as, motion graphic projects in his 8-year design career for Arm & Hammer, Johns Hopkins University, Celebrity Personality Mr. T, world renowned journalist Bill Kurtis, Peninsula Hotel, Shaquille O’Neal, Chicago’s Mayor Daley, CBS News, MTV Commercials, The U.S. State Department, The USDA, and The New York Police Department to name a few.

When it came time to print his graphic art, he always faced difficulty in the ordering process, quality, price and deadlines involved with local print services when trying to service his high-profile clientele. His biggest issue was with print shop owners not sharing the same passion he did for making artwork come to life in what he considered to be masterpiece quality.

For decades, the print industry stayed stagnant in its evolution while graphic design capabilities were rapidly evolving yet technology was barely scratching the surface. At that slow moving time, the internet was still fairly new with online print services being very limited on the web. Smart-phones had not been invented and Google was just an idea.

In 2005, BlockbusterPrint.com™ was born.

BlockbusterPrint™ was incepted in the heart of downtown Chicago’s magnificent mile and has enjoyed exceptional growth into 9 major States.

Today, BlockbusterPrint™ services big name clients like Walgreen’s, Lego Toys, Arm & Hammer, The US Army, NASA, IMAX, Mercedes-Benz, StateFarm, UBER, Google Places, Sotheby’s, Subway, GNC, Boy Scouts of America, UNICEF, and Nissan of North America just to name a few.

With 9 United States based print and ship facilities in California, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Florida and New York, along with 1 in Ontario, Canada – BlockbusterPrint™ is able to achieve the fastest 24-48 hour delivery to any client in the country thanks to its enormous reach.

BlockbusterPrint™ produces all its print products in a high quality offset method which is 4-6 times greater quality than digital production.

Corporate headquarters for BlockbusterPrint™ are still located at their place of inception in Chicago, Illinois.

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