Rounded Corner Business Cards Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Rest

Have you ever considered having rounded corner business cards made for your company instead of the standard ones? If not, you definitely should ponder upon using it because it makes your brand stand out from the rest. With companies like, there are rounded corner card options which will give your brand a cool vibe. These modern cards can be printed with the following features:
– Full HD printing
– 1/8” shave or rounding makes it similar to a credit card; or
– ¼” shave which is highly rounded and suitable for creative designs
– Size: 3.5” x @”
– Available quantities: 100, 250, 500, 1,000 and up

After rounded edge business cards are printed out, a die cutter is used to create round corners on the card, thereby giving it a unique shape. As compared to traditional business cards, this type gives your overall look a softer feel and a more creative, cooler vibe. The downside, however, is that business cards with rounded corners cost a little extra – but it will be well worth it if the design fits your personality as a brand.

If you think that business cards with a rounded corner is not suitable for you, you can always go for other options like premium cards, silk cards, foil stamped cards, textured cards, spot gloss cards and plastic cards.

Whether it’s rounded corner business cards or traditional cards that you end up choosing, what is important is for the overall look of the card to fit the image of your brand, so take your time in having the final design created.


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