Printed Promotional Materials:Still the Best Way to Advertise Your Brand

If you think that printed promotional materials have become obsolete and ineffective due to the presence of online advertising, think again. Sure, having a website is a must-have for most businesses these days, but it does not mean that printing flyers, banners and similar printed promotional materials will not achieve the same effect. For entrepreneurs who are not that tech-savvy, they still have an effective and affordable way to spread the word about their business – through printed materials.

With companies like, you can take your pick from any of the following printed materials – which you can use to advertise your brand:
– Banners
– Booklets
– Business Cards
– Buttons with Pins
– Brochures
– Canvas Prints
– Door Hangers
– Envelopes
– Flyers
– Folders
– Foil Stamps
– Greeting Cards
– Letterheads
– Magnets
– Menus
– Mugs
– Notepads
– Plastic Cards
– Postcards
– Posters
– Roll Labels
– Signs
– Stickers/Decals
– Table Tents
– T-Shirts

Let’s say that you are opening a small restaurant in the neighborhood. You don’t have the budget for a website yet, so you relied on printed materials to spread the word about your soft opening. For this, what you can do is print out flyers which you can distribute to the locals to inform them of when the restaurant is opening.

For the main operations, you can print out menus for the tables, use banners as display and maybe distribute souvenirs like door hangers, magnets or buttons with pins for the first 100 customers. As you can see, starting from the main operation to the promotion of the business itself, there’s a printed promotional material that you can use. Through printing such promotional materials, you can spread the word about your business effectively and with very little costs involved.


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