Print the Best Magazine that will Put Your Business in the Best Light

Just like newspapers, magazine printing has a goal of informing the reader. When used as a promotional material for businesses, printing magazines includes a process that allows you to put your brand in the best light possible. Let’s say that you are a well-established company in the industry but you would like to print a magazine that will introduce a new product or service. While creating the magazine from scratch, here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself:

• Will you publish a magazine monthly, bi-monthly or annually?
If it’s a one-time publication, then you can skip this step. However, if you would like to turn magazine printing into a regular part of your printed promotional advertisement campaign, how often do you wish to publish? Is it monthly, twice a month, twice a year or annually? The more often you publish, the more materials you would need in order to fill up the magazine with information and publish-worthy articles.

• How many pages will be included in the magazine?
The less frequent you publish, the thicker the magazine should be. If you’re planning an annual publication, for example, you can turn the magazine into a thick reading material so it can also serve as a memorabilia for customers who are loyal to your brand. If you’re publishing monthly, the number of pages could be less.

• How about the quality of paper and print?
If you’re planning to distribute the magazine to clients, you should go for high-quality paper and print. For promotional magazines, ones made from cheaper paper will do – although the print quality should still be good.

• How can the magazine be acquired after printing?
Finally, how do you plan to distribute the magazines? Will you offer it on a subscription-only basis? Will you sell it on your stores? Or maybe have them sold at magazine stands and bookstores?

By taking these things into consideration, you can use stapled booklet printing as an effective way to promote your brand.


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