Premium Business Cards to Impress Your Network of Contacts

What is the role of premium business cards? In today’s world of social media, print and television, image plays a big part in branding your business. As such, handing over a flimsy, cheaply made business card would not do at all. To give your clients and prospective customers a good impression of your brand, you need to have premium business cards made.

Factors to Consider when Having Premium Business Cards Made

When having business cards made, you need to recognize the difference between cheap and premium business cards. Here are a few factors to consider for that:
• The resolution of the image.
In the process of looking for a printing company for your business cards, carefully check on the resolution of the image. The higher the resolution, the better. A good quality business card should have at least 300dpi or dots per inch resolution so that the image would look sharp against the paper.

• The quality of paper used.
A standard-sized business card measures 3.5” x 2″, but for premium business cards, it’s the thickness that you need to pay attention to. A high-quality card should be printed on thick, chrome coated paper which has anywhere from 14pt, 16pt, 17pt, 20pt and 22pt. thickness.

• The overall look, feel and design of the card.
Lastly, make sure that the overall look, feel and design of the card has class and quality attached to it. If you can, look at samples of the actual premium business cards made by the company. The text and images on the card should be professionally designed and when you match this with good quality paper, you can have a premium business card to proudly hand over to your clients. They will surely be impressed.


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