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Soft Touch Suede Business Cards


• Ultra Luxurious Velvet Suede Lamination. Our #1 Best Seller!

• 19pt Laminated Cardstock is 60% Thickness of a Credit Card

• Rounded Corner, Raised Spot Gloss, or Raised Gold Options

• 100% FREE Reprint Guarantee

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Shop 19pt Soft Touch Business Cards Online by Price

These super soft touch suede business cards come with many elegant options. Which will you choose?
  Quantity Low Price Per Card Pack Price
  100 Just $0.45 $56 $45
  250 Just $0.22 $68 $55
  500 Just $0.15 $93 $75
  1,000 Just $0.08 $100 $80
  2,500 Just $0.05 $168 $135
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Soft Touch Suede Business Cards by Special Add-On Finish

Don't let your competitors have a hand up on your image. Showcase your dominance with unique luxury suede business cards with soft touch.
32pt business cards godl foil stamped business cards painted edge business cards
Ultra Soft Touch Matte Suede 19pt Business Cards
They say simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication. If raised beveled foil or raised gloss is not for you, go matte.
Order thick business cards
Raised Spot UV Gloss Suede 19pt Business Cards
Ultimate elegance! A super thick business card with an uncoated surface, topped with chrome gold foil.
order gold foil business cards
Raised Gold Foil Stamped Suede 19pt Business Cards
16 color options ranging from metallic gold to non-metallic blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink and more.
colored egde business cards
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Suede Business Card Printing by Shape

Unique luxury business card shapes for all your creative desires
standard sized business card dimensions European sized business cards square shaped business cards
Standard U.S. Size
Available in matte, raised foil, or raised spot gloss
standard US sized business cards
European Size
Available in matte, raised foil, or raised spot gloss
modern sized business cards
Square Business Cards
Available in matte, raised foil, or raised spot gloss
print square sized business cards
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Compare Business Cards by Thickness
We help you compare thickness against a credit card. The 32pt matches a credit cards thickness. (The "pt" is a measurement of paper)


Average business card thickness comparison chart


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Upload a completed business card design to start print or begin a new design using our free online business card design tool
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Our #1 Favorite Business Cards
If you are unsure of what paper type to go with, our staff by a majority loves our soft touch 19pt suede business cards.
Suede Business Cards


   Why Should I Go for Suede Business Cards?


Business cards are a staple promotional material. Whichever industry it is that you are in, you can rely on business cards to represent your brand and provide people with your up-to-date contact information. There’s such a ceremony attached to the act of handing someone a crisp business card which is probably why it hasn’t been totally replaced by digital business cards just yet.

The standard size of a business card is 3.5” x 2” and it is usually designed with a landscape orientation. The typical material is thick or thin linen, and your basic information with contact information is what’s written on the card. However, if you want your brand to stand out among a stack of linen business cards with what is most likely black and white print, you need to go for a different material, printing process, and finish. Here, we will check out the reasons why you should go for suede business cards.

Characteristics of Suede Business Cards

Suede business cards are elegant business cards that have a unique, fabric-like finish. It feels luxurious to the touch, thick, and looks deluxe. As compared to cardboard or linen cards, what are the specific characteristics that make these elegant business cards something that you should consider for your business? Take a quick look:

  • Suede cards fall under the category of soft touch business cards.

Soft touch business cards are cards that have a fabric-like feel to it. How can such a texture be achieved using paper material? It has something to do with the lamination process. Also, the effect cannot be achieved using ordinary desktop printers. Offset printing is the obvious choice for this, since printing presses can produce professional printing results no matter how complex the lamination process is.

Examples of soft touch business cards are cotton, silk, and suede. They imitate the texture of the fabrics that they are named after, and they really look elegant and upscale. If you are going for a high-end, formal, or conservative look for your brand, you should definitely consider having suede soft touch business cards made.

  • The lamination process applied to suede business cards give them that fabric-like feel.

Suede fabric is soft, smooth, and velvety. When the same look and feel is applied to elegant business cards, it is the result of a special lamination process. The thickness of the card also has something to do with how substantial the material feels against the hand. All in all, suede business cards provide the perfect mix of elegance and reliability, making it the perfect material of choice for most business owners.

  • The lamination process also adds thickness and durability to the card.

Suede cards are considered unique business cards primarily due to the thickness of the material. Using a 16-pt. card stock, for example, will turn into an 18-pt. or 19-pt. card stock once the lamination process is done. Because of the sophistication of the texture and the thickness of the material, suede cards can be easily considered luxury business cards.

  • There are add-on finishes that can be added to suede business cards.

To further enhance the look of suede luxury business cards, these are the add-ons that you can go for during the printing process:

  • Ultra-soft-touch matte

After the lamination process, ultra-soft matte suede cards will have a 19-pt. thickness. This is an elegant, simple design which is perfect for those who do not want anything glossy or shiny.

  • Raised spot UV gloss

Yet another option for unique business cards that you can go for is raised spot UV gloss suede business card. This also has a 19-pt. thickness. You can go for standard-sized soft touch business cards but for that extra touch of elegance, the surface will be uncoated and topped with chrome gold foil. These types of soft touch business cards are perfect for business cards that have an elaborate logo.

  • Raised gold foil stamped

Still falling under the category of luxury business cards is the raised gold foil stamped suede business card. It has a 19-pt. thickness and you can take your pick from various colours like gold or silver, or non-metallic hues such as red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, or pink.

Another good thing about choosing luxury business cards which have a suede laminate is that the process improves colour saturation. If you have a black, white, and gold logo or a colourful theme, the lamination process will make the colours pop. This makes for an eye-catching design that will surely grab the attention of those who you will give the business cards to.

Where Should I Order Suede Business Cards?

Next, how can you look for a company that specializes in printing suede business cards? Below is a comprehensive guide:

  • The printing company should offer offset printing.

You usually cannot come up with unique business cards like suede, cotton, or silk without using the offset printing process. Unlike digital printing where the paper material has direct contact with the ink, offset printing does the opposite. The ink is not directly applied to the paper material – thus the term offset. There are more varieties and lamination methods that can be made when you’re hiring the services of an offset printing company. Another advantage of going with offset printing is the speed by which the job can be done.

Let’s say that you want to order 200 pieces of elegant business cards with a suede lamination. With an offset printing company that uses state-of-the-art printing equipment, the job can be easily handled. Aside from the efficiency by which the cards will be printed out, you can also order as many copies as you want. The more copies you require for offset printing, the lower the per-piece cost would be.
The turnover time is also better with offset printing. Since huge state-of-the-art printing presses are used, the machine can easily churn out hundreds of even thousands of business cards in as short a span of time as possible. Once the process has already been set from printing to lamination, you can expect great, professional-looking results. The same thing holds true when you are having other promotional materials printed out. If you need brochures, flyers, banners, notepads, letterheads, or other printed advertising material, offset printing is the way to go.

  • They should have a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from.

Aside from unique business cards like suede, what other soft touch business cards does the printing company offer? Are there cotton or silk luxury business cards? What other types of unique business cards does the company offer? How about plastic or rounded corner business cards? Or maybe you are looking for brown kraft business cards that look organic, earthy, but still elegant? If you’re a bit on the playful side or if you are in an industry which highly values creativity, you may want to go for other unique business cards like foil stamped or pearl. By checking out the materials and finishes that you can choose from, you can decide which one works best based on the design of your business card.

  • They should have plenty of experience in printing business cards and other promotional materials.

Aside from business cards, does the printing company also handle print jobs for brochures, banners, stickers, letterheads, and novelty items like magnets or keychains? All these promotional materials should be printed with high quality and colour or theme consistency. Doing so allows you to remain faithful to your branding theme, making your logo or business name easily recognizable by clients, business partners, and potential customers.

  • They should have additional tools like downloadable templates and online design tools.

Yet another thing that you need to check when deciding which printing company to go with is the extra tools that they provide for customers. What about downloadable templates? If you have zero experience in designing business cards, you will save a lot of money designing it yourself instead of hiring a graphic designer to do it for you. Downloadable templates should be available not just for business cards but also for postcards, notepads, letterheads, etc. For this, all you need to do is download the template and vary the design based on your logo, business name, and contact information.

Another extra tool that you can use when designing luxury business cards is the online design template. There is no need to download anything for this – you just have to access a URL and all the design tools that you need will be there. If you want a standard look for the business card, for instance, you can use the design tool to create your own. Again, this is a good tool to have because it eliminates the need – and costs – associated with hiring a graphic designer.

Other Things to Remember when Ordering Unique Business Cards

Whichever industry it is that your business is in, you need to pay close attention to even the smallest details when printing out business cards. Most business cards are sized 3.5” x 2”. This gives you very limited space to work in. When designing the business card, make sure that your contact information is accurate. See to it that the font used, the font size and style, as well as the colours selected all combine into one pleasant whole. The logo should be present in all printed marketing materials, and the overall look and design of the business card should be consistent with your branding image.

If you are printing other promotional materials like letterheads, notepads, banners, brochures, booklets, flyers, and postcards, you can order it from the same printing company. To make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, here is a quick checklist of the things that you should ask:

  • What’s the minimum quantity of suede business cards that I can order?
  • What is the turnaround time?
  • What is the cost of a basic business cards package?
  • What kind of printing method do you use? If it is offset, are the machines state-of-the-art?
  • Can you provide me with samples of your previous work?
  • Do you have a website so that I can check on client testimonials?
  • What other types of printed promotional materials do you work with?
  • If I will go with suede lamination, what add-on can you recommend based on the design that I have in mind?

Do your research so that you can get answers to these questions from at least three companies. Based from their response, you can narrow down your choices to two – then make an informed decision from there. It is important to select a reputable, reliable printing company because they will be the one to deliver the goods straight to your doorstep.

Of course, it helps to also provide them with whatever information they need so that the final design of your business card will be exactly what you are looking for. Whether it’s suede or some other type of business card that you end up ordering, what’s important is to make sure that it is well-made and designed with your brand image in mind.

Business cards are a representation of what you are all about as a business. Once you hand over an elegant, sophisticated suede business card to a potential client, he or she will have a great first impression of your brand. This bodes well for your business, and will make people equate the quality of your business cards with the quality of the products or services that you offer.

How to Pick The Right Paper Feature
Our lead setup technician of 14 years, Angela Moskal, speaks on picking the right paper features. Hint: Raised spot uv gloss on suede material.


ANGELA MOSKAL: Hey guys! I am so delighted to help you with picking the best paper finish. As a designer myself, i often go back and forth on paper features such as gold foil, spot uv or rounded corners. My go-to always is the raised spot uv on the soft touch suede 19pt business cards. It is simply perfect for anyone looking to impress.


• GOLD FOIL STAMPED BUSINESS CARDS (the ultimate wow card): I absolutely LOVE the look of our gold foil stamped business cards - offered on our 17pt silk laminated business cards, 19pt soft touch business cards and our 32pt business cards. Nothing impresses more than gold. May it be on jewelry, watches, business cards or any luxurious trimmings. Like all things in life, the time and place has to call for it. Gold has inspired civilizations for thousands of years, stemming back to Ancient Greece and Egypt. For business cards, the industry you are in has to call for it. It has to represent you and must be done tastefully. An all-black or all-white business cards with minimal gold foil in areas such as your name or web address whispers elegance. If you are looking to dominate an image, gold foil stamped business cards will get compliments 10 out of 10 times. You cannot ever go wrong with it but your company theme and your personality must support it. Flat foil stamping is available for our 17pt silk laminated business cards and our 32pt business cards. We also have a raised gold foil business cards on our 19pt soft touch business cards which is my personal favorite. The perfect feature that applies to all industries is the raised spot uv gloss which i discuss next. Our foil stamping also comes in many other colors such as red foil, blue foil, copper foil, or silver foil.

• SPOT UV GLOSS BUSINESS CARDS (the perfect all-around feature for all industries): There is the flat spot uv gloss and the raised spot gloss effect that we offer. The raised spot gloss is a feature that allows you to add gloss only to desired areas in a heightened feel, such as a logo outline while leaving the rest of the card a natural matte finish. The flat spot uv gloss is the same effect but without the added height to the gloss. The names self describe them. Many clients do not want much flash on their card and the absolute best business card feature to always go with is the spot uv gloss. It adds a major wow effect without going overboard. It makes your logos pop much nicer. The flat spot uv is very neat but the raised spot gloss business cards are in a class of their own. You will always get the best compliments on raised gloss no matter your industry. Raised spot gloss is available on our soft touch business cards, also known as suede business cards.

• ROUNDED CORNER BUSINESS CARDS: Rounded business cards have been around forever and are very popular among clients that want to show a more playful side without getting into complex features such as gold, silver, spot uv or metallic inks. You can say it is the easiest and simplest feature to a business card. The rounded edge business cards are available for most of our paper finishes such as our 14pt, 16pt, 17pt, and 19pt card stocks.

• THE PERFECT BUSINESS CARD FEATURE (for all above average occasions): If I was going with just one feature it would no doubt be the raised spot uv on the soft touch business cards that have the 19pt thickness. I have yet to hear a client say they do not like them. Many call them the best business cards they have ever printed or felt. Pairing both soft touch suede and raised gloss makes it subtle but ultra-unique to the fingertips. You have to try it to appreciate it. Even clients who had no interested in anything impressive end up sticking with it on all their reprints. It does not disappoint!

I hope i have helped share some of my insight and experience on my personal favorite, our staff's favorites and our client favorites which universally seems to be our soft touch suede with option raised spot uv gloss.

Dream big,

Angela Moskal



How to Design The Perfect Business Card
Our lead graphic designer of 11 years, Michael Parker, speaks on picking the perfect design. Hint: Perfection is what represents you!


MICHAEL PARKER: My dear friends! A pleasure to share my lifes work with you. I have designed for clients such as NASA, Lego Toys, Whole Foods, Arm & Hammer and Warner Brothers Studios to share a few of my projects.


• BEST COLORS TO USE: Colors undoubtedly play a big role in human psychology. Red says urgency, blue says safe and calm, black purs luxury, shades of green speak peacefully, orange and yellows are friendly and optimistic while gray says balance and neutrality. The colors to choose depend on the emotion to wish to evoke. Restaurant owners should always stick to black, reds, and yellows as those are warm colors that tie into food. A banker or real estate agent tends to do well with blues or greens. If you are in a creative or fun line of work, you can incorporate any color that you personally desire. There is no right or wrong, purely preference but if you are looking to add color to business cards that you wish to be safe with, it is best to follow the color emotion rules that are proven in psychology that i share above. Muted colors show a calmer tone to your business. Neon colors show excitement. If you are in any professional business the colors you choose also fall into the personality of your business. What i like to do when designing the perfect business cards is i create 2-3 very different versions and i ask the opinion of 10 people. I ask them how they feel or percieve the business based on the look. I like to stay nuetral to my work and not fall in love with it so asking others for their option in the end will be the ultimate guide to knowing if you have chosen the perfect colors.

• HOW BIG TEXT SIZE SHOULD BE: TThere is no right or wrong text size but there is certainly the rule of never going below the 11pt size. Big text can always be seen as fun or creative but very small text can be frustrating and be seen as poor design work. Small text is certainly creative and modern. Small text is subtle but too small of text is a failed attempt at a modern look. The perfect font size for people of all ages, young or mature is around 12pt. If you wish to get creative you can always pair a large font at around 22pt but you should always stick to no more than 2 font suizes in one design. If you have 7 lines of text and all 7 have different sizes your business cards can look very cluttered.

• WHAT CRUCIAL INFO SHOULD BE PRESENT: All contact method of your choice shall be added on there. If you do not wish to have clients call you at random hours of the day, its best to leave operation hours or an email only. Some of our clients leave just a web address as they want to drive traffic to their site and not to a phone rep. One thing for certain is you should always add your logo, the rest is purly up to you and how you wish to operate your business contacts.

• WHEN TO ADD PHOTOS: Real estate agents and sales agents tend to always add photos of themselves to their color business cards as the service provided is branded to them personally. Photographers also add a landscape photo to their business card printing. Rarely ever does a photograph belong on a professional business card but if you choose to add a photograph it is always best to add it to only one side.

• OVERALL PERFECTION: The perfect business card feedback i receive from clients is always one with neatly organized text that is minimal in colors (2 colors max). The best business cards tend to be simple, minimalistic but with add on features such as spot uv gloss or enhanced paper such as silk laminated business cards or soft touch business cards with suede laminate. A simple business card design can become many times more impressive just by boosting the paper thickness and feel.

In all my years of designing business cards, i have found one thing that works best - when in doubt, keep it simple and go with a nicer paper.

To be creative is to be truly alive,

Michael Parker







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